Ron’s henro, day 26: “Kukai is walking with us”

(4th in a series of posts on Ron Yoshida’s pilgrimage)

Yoshida 5

“Burnout from chronic stress is everywhere these days,” Washington Post, March 30, 11:00AM.

Ron’s posts are full of wonderful pictures. Of beautiful food. Of warm people.


Yoshida 8

“One can feel the spiritual here.”

“Is Kukai with us? I don’t believe in the afterlife or an outer body who ‘watches’ over us. But walking with time to reflect, I often think that Kukai is walking with us. He beckons us to see beauty. He beckons us to appreciate life as a positive experience rather than one to be endured.”

Seeing a solemn castle over the sea
Thronged with horses and people,
Fools immediately think it is reality.
The wise know it is temporary and empty.
Heavenly halls, temples, earthly palaces
That once looked real return to nothing.

                Kukai (Kobo Daishi)

                                                    Buddha: “I am the awakened one.”

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  1. Love this post. Reminds me of my brief two-year stint in Japan, circa April 1961 – April 1963.

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