Thoughts on connecting with “Connecting Bethlehem” (8)

(8th in a series of posts on the communication survey)

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Gadfly is all atwitter about the “Connecting Bethlehem” survey and the steps that will take place based on it.

“Good communication builds community” — to paraphrase something he heard somewhere.

I tell you, the thought of Councilman Reynolds on Twitter after Tuesday’s meeting answering questions and fielding comments was enough to keep him awake Tuesday night. Fantastic!

The survey seems very important. It sounds like it will direct future resources. So Gadfly’s also been thinking about the means of distributing the survey and the number of responses received.

Seems important that there be a lot of responses from all levels in the town.

But Gadfly is not clear on the means of dissemination. Online at the City web site and in print form at City Hall and the libraries, he remembers. But vague on other means.

How do we reach people to tell them about the survey? Feels like a dog-chasing-its-tail situation. We need better communication but we don’t have great communication to reach people to ask how we can better the communication. Or something like that. Feels like a case in point for the need for significant improvement in communication.

So how will people know about the survey?

In my Catholic school years, messages were always been sent home to parents through the kids. That way everybody got something. But I guess that route is not available to us.

What about a separate one-sheet mailing to the newsletter mailing list — would that be effective at reasonable cost?

But that’s assuming recipients have access to a computer to respond. What about those who don’t?

It’s so important that we get a good “return.”

Would Gadfly followers have suggestions for disseminating news of the survey and/or the survey itself?

Maybe Gadfly could then put together a list of suggestions for Councilman Reynolds and Mayor Donchez.

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