18 miles for Ron on Day 5!

(2nd in a series of posts on Ron Yoshida)


Yoshida 5

And yet he had strength for this reflection:

“The walk provides plenty of time to reflect and enjoy the environment, specifically gardens. I have come upon wonderful examples from highly manicured to seemingly very natural gardens. Common to all of them is the absence of grass lawns. Rather, gardens are filled with trees and perennials or are planted with seasonal vegetables and fruit trees, I have contended that grass lawns are one of humankind’s worst land uses – wasted person hours cutting grass and the overuse of pesticides and herbicides. Perhaps we can learn from these examples.”

Comments you EAC folks?

Ron’s photos are beautiful!

Follow along?


2 thoughts on “18 miles for Ron on Day 5!

  1. As you noted, grass lawns take a lot of work and usually use synthetic fertilizers & pesticides. They also cause much higher stormwater runoff.

  2. What a wonderful journal of Ron’s pilgrimage. This will clearly be a transformative experience that profoundly reconnects him with his Japanese heritage. Most impressive is the intertwined flow of written and pictorial commentary. As the saying goes, it’s not so much the destination, but the journey itself that is the point and meaning of a pilgrimage (as well as life itself). May the Dao be with you Ron. P.S. Diane and I have started to look at possibilities for the Camino de Santiago.

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