On the road with Ron


Many Gadfly followers know Ron and Sharon Yoshida.

Ron was my boss for a while. yoshida

He is a great talker.

He talked me into things.

But now Ron is a walker.

As I write, he is a day or two or three into the arduous 88-Temple walk in Shikoku, Japan.

A multi-site pilgrimage of 88 temples associated with the Buddhist monk Kūkai (Kōbō Daishi), who lived c. 800.

A walk that will take about 60 days.

And not always on flat rail trails.

Temple 3Temple 1

 I knew he was walking. For exercise, I thought.

I had no idea what he was really walking for.

What IS he walking for? (See his T Minus 3: 27 February 2019 post)

He will reconnect with his Japanese roots.

I get that. Like many retirees, Gadfly has turned to genealogy, producing small books on each of his parents. And hoping to go back further.

Yoshida 3But there’s something more.

It’s contained in the answer from an Australian finisher of the walk to Ron’s question about what effect the journey had on him: he said that the pilgrimage “restored his faith in mankind.”

I get that too. There must be (for want of a better term) a spiritual dimension to Ron’s journey, his “pilgrimage.”

I envy him the quest for that goal. And hope for its completion.

So I’m going to follow Ron like he’s been following Gadfly.

Hoping something will rub off.


Join us, won’t you?

Buddha: “I am the awakened one.”

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