“one heck of an expensive breakfast!”


Here is a thought about this event [the Mayor’s “State of the City” address]. Why not do it in Town Hall where it can be live-streamed? Then it can be watched live and stored on the City’s website with a link for anyone who wants to view it. And, for FREE!

How many City officials will attend, pay their $49 or $99, whatever the cost, and then submit it to the City for reimbursement? That is just plain wrong that Bethlehem taxpayers should be on the hook for any costs associated with a speech to which they should have unfettered access. And, at $49 (which is the cost several people have quoted to me who won’t be attending), that’s one heck of an expensive breakfast!

We go to the Hotel Bethlehem’s Sunday brunch several times a year, and you’ll get a far better selection of food at much less the cost.


$49 if you are a Chamber member, $99 if you are a “Future Member.” Curious, see below, I just noticed the wording. It’s as if the general public is NOT invited. Even at $99, Gadfly would have to pretend he was joining the Chamber.



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