Headline: Gadfly Thunderstruck! (53)

(53rd in a series of posts on parking)

“I was thunderstruck. For an instant I stood like the man who, pipe in mouth, was killed one cloudless afternoon long ago in Virginia, by summer lightning; at his own warm open window he was killed, and remained leaning out there upon the dreamy afternoon, till some one touched him, when he fell.” Herman Melville, “Bartleby, the Scrivener”

Gadfly was thunderstruck just like the narrator in Melville’s classic story while sitting on the perimeter of the regular monthly meeting of the Bethlehem Parking Authority Board two days ago, Wednesday, October 24.

There was not one mention of the 14-question list from City Council President Adam Waldron that, for the moment anyway, poked a finger in the eye of BPA’s request for an increase in parking violation fines, collateral with the increase in meter rates already approved by the Mayor.

Not a mention.

The Board (Cantelmi, Cunningham, Hoffmeier, Kounoupis, Morganelli, Broughal) settled a knotty issue of a Wayfaring publication (Hmm, who likes the yellow?) in maybe 120 seconds, and the room emptied out faster than your morning shower water.



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  1. I would point out that Attorney Broughal is not a BPA Boardmember, rather he is solicitor to the BPA.

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