Breaking News on 2 W. (7)

(7th in a series of posts on 2 W. Market St.)

Gadfly loves when he can say “Breaking News.” Makes the unofficial official feel official.

Several Bethlehem residents attended and spoke at the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission last night. The Commission voted to send the 2 W. Market matter back to Bethlehem because it is a local matter. The next step is a meeting of the Bethlehem Planning Commission on November 8th in Town Hall at 4 pm. Then full City Council 7PM Nov. 20. Notably, last night Becky Bradley, the head of the LVPC said — and this might not be quoted exactly, will need to wait for the minutes — “I want you to know that this zoning amendment petition came from one citizen. This is extremely unusual and we almost never receive zoning amendment requests from a single citizen.”

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