Time Out, Bethlehem Parking Authority! (48)

(48th in a series of posts on parking)

So City Council was supposed to consider the fines part of the proposed rate increase by the Bethlehem Parking Authority at its regular meeting last night Tuesday Oct. 16.

You have seen Gadfly work this issue to an inch of its life over the past 47 posts.

You have seen Gadfly after balancing information on both sides labor through 7 “exhibits” laying out his position not only on the fines but the whole process — remember Gadfly sees the meter rates and the fines as conjoined twins. Hard not to talk about them together.

The climax was coming.

It was like approaching the last episode of “Mash.” (Sorry, young ‘uns.)

I had the runs all day.                              time out

It wasn’t pretty.

And then BPA called a time out.

One might say it was a forced time out.

O, my.

The day before, Council President Waldron sent BPA a memo containing “follow up questions [14] that they would like answered before First Reading of parking fine ordinances.”

And BPA understandably asked for an extension of time to comply with the request.

In keeping with the way we do things here at Gadfly,  here is the Council memo with questions without any comment.


Read it yourself. Form your opinion. And we’ll talk later.

One thought on “Time Out, Bethlehem Parking Authority! (48)

  1. Finally!!! The BPA should have provided this kind of detail a long long time ago, the leadership there is lacking transparency and the Council Liasion (Callahan) hasn’t been doing his job for years. Kudos to the other members of Council if doing his job for him.

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