Bethlehem Moments: A Proposal (4)

(4th in a series of posts on Bethlehem Moments)

C’mon, Gadfly, get to it.

Ok, ok — Gadfly suggests that we add a historical moment, a “Bethlehem Moment,” to our opening meeting protocol following the prayer and the pledge.

The Moment should be short, meaningful, and often kinda fun.

We don’t want to interfere with business, no, no.

Let’s say one minute.

Discipline needed.

Now Council won’t take a pig-in-a-poke (what in hell does that mean anyway?). So Gadfly proposes to do a try out for Council, using public comment for a period of time to show how it works — well, to see if it works. (Others are welcome to share the try out stage with me!) After all, it could knit President Waldron’s eyebrows so tightly together the twins won’t recognize him.

Gadfly has said that he likes Bethlehem unique.

It’s unique that we have so many elected officials, so many heads from headquarters, paying attention along with the public to a blog in which ideas, issues, dreams, proposals, irritations, problems, and the rest of the kitchen sink (where did that phrase come from?) can be shared in a collegial way.

The “Bethlehem Moment” would be unique too. Allentown and Easton do the prayer and the pledge, Nazareth only the pledge.

I like Bethlehem unique.

Now after experimenting, gaining feedback, listening to suggestions and criticisms, if the try out is deemed successful, well, then, Council might formally take up the idea of incorporating a “Bethlehem Moment” into our meeting practice.

Gadfly not done yet. He’d like to brainstorm some interesting ideas about structure. As well as consider some contrary or verging on contrary ideas suggested by Peter and Barbara in reference to Gadfly’s previous posts on this topic.

So chew on this. And come back later.

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