Remembering the New St. Garage Bond (32)

(32nd in a series of posts on parking)

Olga Negrón is a City of Bethlehem Councilwoman and a Community Liaison for HGSK Law Firm.

BPA doc 1
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BPA doc 3

Perhaps Gadfly wants to read the minutes from City Council on May 3, 2016, where the bond for the New St. Garage was approved by Council (I was the only member that voted against it), where it’s stated that in order for the BPA to be able to pay the bond back, it included an increase in the parking fees for the next 5 years. Oh! That’s an increase for us all except for the 180 parking spaces in the New St. Garage that will have a set fee for 5 years (57 will actually be FREE for 5 years!).


2 thoughts on “Remembering the New St. Garage Bond (32)

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the consultant deny that the increase had anything to do with the New Street Garage, at the public hearing held just weeks ago?

    The messages are inconsistent and leave much doubt about the truth.

  2. It would be difficult to know Dana. No transcript was provided by the city; it was not filmed and there is no record fo what was said. The consultant from Desman did not take notes on anything the citizens said. I am troubled by the lack of concern over public opinion and input; I’m concerned over the lack of a clear plan for the use of these funds going forward.

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