Communication Survey Canceled (3)

(3rd in a series on the communication survey)

Ooops, all that ramblin’ and meditatin’ and headquarters just message’d that the communications survey launch for Oct 24 has been canceled.

On again in the 1st quarter 2019, they say.

One thought on “Communication Survey Canceled (3)

  1. In my opinion, the City’s website should be the mainframe for disseminating information to the public, with social media as a supplement.

    I had opted in for all alerts and yet the only topics that seem to be covered, my compliments to both of these areas, are streets and recycling.

    There are no alerts for meetings such as HCC, HARB, ZHB, Planning Commission, Health Board; no alerts for initiatives such as flu shots, availability of CDBG applications, recreation programs, etc; with links to applicable agendas and minutes.

    Instead of public employees playing on social media during the work day, I would suggest that each department have an information officer who would insure that public information is sent out to all residents and businesses who opt into the website, so that these timely alerts provide city government’s news and opportunities.

    There should be now political news, just the service related info that citizens deserve to have in a timely fashion.

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