Hope for Change in Casino Ownership (20)

(20th in a series of posts on parking)

Michael Faccinetto is President of the Bethlehem Area School Board.

(See Dana’s post #15 and Mike’s post 19)

Dana, this depends how you define success. The casino was coming with or without TIF to the site. That is the main tax driver of the TIF. Without them there would never have been enough money for the Arts Campus or the Hoover-Mason Trestle. So if you define success by the cultural benefit of that area then, yes, it’s a success. The lack of other tax paying businesses opening up shop as a result of the TIF is glaring and disappointing. With a change in casino ownership my hope is the remainder of the area will finally be sold for development.


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  1. City hall is also counting on the TIF to balance their budget in 2020. BPA no longer required to contribute to city at that time.

    Garage at Polk Street should be responsibility of developer not BPA.

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