The same 10 people

Dana Grubb is a lifelong resident of the City of Bethlehem who worked 27 years for the City of Bethlehem in the department of community and economic development, as sealer of weights and measures, housing rehabilitation finance specialist, grants administrator, acting director of community and economic development and deputy director of community development.

Provocative editorial by Dana Grubb in the Bethlehem Press:

The essay begins, “For months I have heard rumors that a few members of Bethlehem’s seven-member city council have special code words they use to ridicule residents who regularly attend council meetings. . . .”

Take a look.

We’ll need to chew on this.

Take a breath and start chewing.

The Gadfly

By the way, if you do not subscribe to the Bethlehem Press, take a look. The Gadfly had not paid much attention to this paper till January, about the same time he started attending Council and other City meetings on a regular basis, and he has grown to love it. It is a “community” newspaper, something we really need.


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