LEPOCO “makes me proud to be dwelling here”

LEPOCO: “As concerned citizens, we plan, organize, and initiate change at the local, national, and international level. We advocate for political action, participate in demonstrations, and host public conversations.”

Bethlehem is full of nice people and great organizations. Among the several that I have been happy to highlight from time to time here in Gadfly over the last three years is the LEPOCO Peace Center.

What a treasure for our town.

Imagine . . . an organization promoting peace.

Largely unsung.

You’d think we’d all be members.

Hint, hint.

But as I prepare to wrap up my Gadfly stint, I cannot help tipping my hat to them in the words of my long-time colleague Addison Bross in this month’s issue of the LEPOCO newsletter:

“A wonderful reminder that right here where I live — even amid these times when our society’s darker impulses have taken on a particularly frightening mode — people are, with great courage and zest, nonviolently working for a humane social order, for PEACE. It makes me proud to be dwelling here.”

Well said, Bro’

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