“The Reynolds mailer was a fair mailer that cited facts. The comparison to Trump is apt”

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I disagree with your assessment of the Reynolds mailer. In the world of balls and strikes, it was a strike.

Grubb has made his experience as a city administrator a centerpiece of his campaign.  That experience includes the behavior he exhibited while being in that position, including being forced to retire for getting into a fight.

Recently, Grubb offered an explanation for the fight that contradicts the reporting done by 4 Morning Call journalists in three separate news articles on the incident that are available online.  Grubb even went as far as to say one of the journalists had it out for him due to complaints he made against him.  That journalist is now deceased and not here to defend himself from the slanderous allegation.   And while he did not call the stories “fake news” per se, it was his way of saying the news articles were not true.   Sounds familiar to a former president.

The account in the below article is one that I have not seen posted, but I think proves Grubb’s version of the events in his recent explanation is malarkey, and includes the testimony of 2 employees that insinuates Grubb was the aggressor.  https://www.mcall.com/news/mc-xpm-2005-02-03-3591164-story.html

Grubb compounded the fighting incident into years of bashing the city’s mayors, councils and personnel.  The incident has defined Grubb for the last 17 years and is entirely relevant to his temperament to be mayor.   The incident also sheds light on to his temperament and behavior prior to the fight.   As set forth from the hearing testimony, he “barked” at an employee, and had heated discussions with a bureau chief, he later tried to confront.

He has on at least one occasion compared the Donchez administration to that of Nazi Germany.   I understand he became a “gadfly” and critic, but even critics should be held accountable for outlandish statements.

He even attended health board meetings after his termination and was accused of intimidation of the Health Bureau Director at the time.  It got to the level where police had to be present at the meetings.

He has also claimed to be an informant for the FBI.  I find this claims to be outlandish.  First, I am not sure why it is relevant to his explain his behavior.  Second, no one from Bethlehem was indicted on Federal charges.  So either he had nothing to offer, the FBI found his information to be unfounded, or he is lying.

The Reynolds mailer was a fair mailer that cited facts.  The comparison to Trump is apt, as Grubb has acted in a Trumpian manner several times over the years.   Grubb simply lacks the temperament to be Mayor.

(Also, I am a real person, who commented on this blog long before this race, as you know).


One thought on ““The Reynolds mailer was a fair mailer that cited facts. The comparison to Trump is apt”

  1. The Trump comparison is nowhere near apt. It is shamelessly exploitative and dishonest by intention and by omission. It literally incites the “madness” – mean spirited division? – the author bemoans in his byline: win at all costs, “ends justify whatever means” sort of stuff. (I will avoid similar, intentionally disingenuous comparisons of Mr Reynolds that one could foist.)

    The comparison ignores Dana Grubb’s considerable contributions TO the city for 27 years – and the issues on which Mr Reynolds has been assailed, but attempts to equate Mr Grubb to a character challenge. On its own merit, this accusation might be a fair, acceptable issue, the news article fair game.

    In fact, I have pointed out Mr Reynolds’ failure to accept accountability for not advocating equitably regarding demands made by many residents last summer and his repeated lack of openness regarding his – and Mayor Donchez’ – failure to respond to many requests for information and an explanation. Others (Bruce Haines, 5/8 Gadfly blog, and Breena Holland, Gadfly blog, at least) have powerfully cited Mr Reynolds’ willingness to belittle citizens – and council? – when they disagree with him, which is not infrequently. He has not addressed these as far as I have seen or heard.

    Back to the comparison being heaved so brutishly and basely: Trump gave no public service in his career prior to running for office. Many of Trump’s exploits before holding office were heinous. To invoke the misogyny, bigotry, and divisiveness that oozed and festered from his … presidency … and to exploit the bitterness that it produced debases Reynolds’ campaign further with this attempt to justify it.

    The comparison is cheap, beneath (much of) the city – certainly beneath one who might lead, and a despicable example of what we might be destined for in the future: a lust for power at all costs to others. This is not that on which a compassionate, respectable, and sound city is built.

    Bring a complaint and document it better than “he said” some years ago. If this were well meaning, it would be posted as questions, treated it as if it were YOU at whom stones were being thrown.

    I have to ask, where is the confidence in Reynolds’ platform on its own merits?

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