Mayoral candidate Grubb “is quite possibly the most ethical person I have ever met”

Latest in a series of posts on candidates for election

Bill Scheirer is a charter member of the Bethlehem Gadfly pantheon, with probably 20 years service behind and at the Town Hall podium. We miss seeing him throughout the long duration of this damn pandemic.


I support Dana Grubb for Mayor of Bethlehem, which is in danger of losing its special quality, because of developments that overwhelm neighborhoods by being too big and/or too tall. Mr. Grubb is more sensitive to this danger. He is not accepting campaign contributions from major developers. Dana was a member of a committee of citizens that crafted a 30-page ethics ordinance that was introduced into the city council by Councilmembers Negron and Colon. It was never acted on by the council, not even to pass certain parts. Mr. Grubb’s opponent preferred two rather innocuous ordinances passed by council. One authorized training on the quite weak state ethics law. The other was a gift ban that didn’t go much beyond existing law. Left untouched were all other considerations, such as campaign contributions, which can create an apparent conflict of interest. Unlike his opponent, Mr. Grubb has specific plans including reintroducing a comprehensive ethics ordinance to increase public confidence that elected officials are transparent and ethical. I have known Dana for 18 years. He is quite possibly the most ethical person I have ever met, and I am 83 years old.


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