“Trust in Mr. Reynolds is misplaced”

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Barbara Diamond enjoys retirement as Lehigh University Director of Foundation Relations by engaging in various activities and organizations hopefully for the betterment of the community. Her particular interests at the moment are preventing gun violence, local government ethics reform, and Bethlehem Democratic Committee work.

Dear Gadfly:

Regarding Councilwoman Negron’s post of April 26th on the status of the ethics ordinance, I would like to make the following points:

Ms. Negron more than anyone deserves credit for launching the effort to pass a comprehensive ethics ordinance. It was her impassioned remarks at the special meeting of December 8, 2015, on the Martin Tower rezoning ordinance in which she cited numerous instances of questionable behavior by the administration and council and declared her intention, when she was sworn in a month later, to pass an anti-pay-to=play law. I recommend that anyone who wants to understand why people question Mr. Reynolds’ commitment to ethics reform in Bethlehem go to the city council archives and read the minutes of that meeting, especially the public comments not only by Ms. Negron (pg.13) but also Bruce Haines (pg. 11 & 19), Breena Holland (pg.21), Bill Scheirer (pg. 13), and Dana Grubb (pg. 14).

Although there had been several previous council meetings on the rezoning, the meeting on December 8, 2015, was significant because of documents that had been obtained and published in November through a Right to Know request by Bernie O’Hare. The documents revealed extensive developer influence in drafting the ordinance that would effectively rezone the Martin Tower site to allow for massive commercial development. The documents verified significant misrepresentations by the Donchez administration and Councilman Reynolds, who was City Council President at that time. Mr. Reynolds repeatedly insisted to the public that the developers were not involved, that the ordinance was being brought forward by the administration, and, therefore, that no plan for the Martin Tower site was available for public review.

The public asked Mr. Reynolds and another council member who also received generous campaign donations from the developers multiple times to recuse themselves and questioned the propriety of their voting on a zoning ordinance that would so obviously benefit a developer who had given them significant campaign contributions. Instead of acknowledging the public’s concerns, Mr. Reynolds responded that “the idea that there is a conflict here and that anyone can attack the integrity of the member of council is ridiculous. It is also insulting” (October 6, 2015 Minutes pg.27). The Right to Know documents revealed that at the very time Mr. Reynolds was scolding the public for challenging his integrity, the developer of the Martin Tower site, Lewis Ronca, was in the hallway texting to DCED director, Alicia Karner, that he needed to leave before reporters spotted him; his texts expressed his chagrin that the 2 hour 15 minute presentation by Planning Director, Darlene Heller, had not caused more people who patiently awaited their turn to speak to leave the meeting. In addition, the documents revealed that Ronca’s assistant, Duane Wagner, provided talking points to Ms. Heller to use when engaging the public, including the myth that the current ordinance allows up to 425,000 sq. ft for retail (Lehigh Valley Ramblings, November 24, 2015).

Many of the people who spoke in opposition not only to the rezoning but also to the revelations of public officials’ cozy relationship with the developers and the dishonest way those relationships were presented to the public went on to form the grassroots effort in 2016 to support Councilwoman Negron’s aim to pass an ethics ordinance. I recently listened to the audio of Mr. Reynolds’ response to the ethics ordinance at the council meeting (May 17, 2017) in which he stated that he was angry about the ordinance, mischaracterized it in multiple ways, and described public comment on it as ridiculous and insulting. In fact, Councilwoman Van Wirt mentioned numerous times that it was the disrespect Mr. Reynolds displayed for Ms. Negron and the good faith effort of members of the community that inspired her to run for office. I will also note the maneuver by Mr. Reynolds in his effort to sabotage the ordinance of having DA Morganelli speak in opposition. Morganelli made over 20 false and misleading statements, which could not be rebutted because his remarks were allowed after Courtesy of the Floor.

Councilwoman Negron’s recent post to Gadfly asks us to have faith that Councilman/Mayoral candidate Reynolds is now in favor of an ethics ordinance. It is now 2021, Mr. Reynolds was president (2014-18) and a wielder of significant power on council for these past 6 years. If he was truly in favor of an effective ethics ordinance (not the ineffectual, piecemeal training and gift bans they passed, which were mere window dressing), he would have helped Ms. Negron try to fix the ordinance she proposed or wrote his own ordinance relevant to city contracts, which he expressed an interest in while chastising her efforts way back in 2015. I note also that Councilwoman Negron is speaking for Mr. Reynolds. Her effort to take blame for Reynolds’ bad behavior does not undo my own observation since 2015 of Mr. Reynolds’ bias toward special interests like developers.

In view of the above, I believe trust in Mr. Reynolds is misplaced.


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  1. Anything I would say would only detract from the eloquence of the exceptionally well-documented reply above…but I will add this: I have a question of OPTICS! Why at the 11th hour did the outgoing councilwoman feel the need to throw herself under the bus on the issue of the ethics ordinance? It is fair to observe that issues of development, especially related to the ethics ordinance, have been huge issues in the mayoral primary race in Bethlehem, and indeed, ongoing issues for council members and citizens, especially since 2015 Martin Tower rezone. Since Reynolds is the candidate for mayor, why isn’t he championing the ethics ordinance reboot on the stump himself, as suggested by the councilwoman that he has been quietly doing for a year now behind the scenes? Sure seems like the candidate for mayor is at home with the closed doors!

  2. As someone who has spent the better part of 30 years in community and economic development, I think I have more than a passing knowledge of planning and zoning. Although I was not a professional planner, I did manage, build and administer many urban development projects. I offer this as a preface to my remarks regarding the Martin Tower site and the recent developer request for additional zoning changes. All one has to do is google the Martin Tower owners company to see what type of development he specializes in. Suburban apartment complexes and strip retail. It is heartening to see that many on city council, candidate Reynolds included, now object to this type of development. However I must ask where our mayoral candidate Mr. Reynolds has been over the past several years regarding this issue? Mayors should lead and so far aside from proposing many ideas and plans, I haven’t seen any substantive changes in the way the past president of city council has dealt with our developer community.

  3. Exactly!   Reynolds has facilitated that developers take over the city with no restrains in exchange for all the money he is getting from them. Bethlehem is simply becoming another overcrowded place. Developers trash our communities, destroy the historic character of neighborhoods, worsen the traffic, and the city including Reynolds is totally fine with that.  Developers ask for any numbers of variances and they all get approved…. yet if a “regular person” asks for one, it gets denied… I guess city ordinances do not apply to millionaires and their buddies. 

  4. Wonderful summary by Barbara Diamond about Mr Reynolds behavior in his leadership role at that time as President of City Council.

    I was one that clearly called for the President & the VP of council to recuse themselves for the clear appearance of conflict of interest as the developers of Martin Tower were by far their largest donors in the then most recent election.

    Instead of considering that suggestion, Reynolds retaliated personally with a blustering lecture to me that far exceeded the 5 minute limit that we were afforded during our comment period. I didn’t call him corrupt but simply stated the facts that there was a significant appearance of conflict of interest.

    This was only one example of the behavior that disqualifies him to lead this city. He has suggested openly that residents that ask for their residential neighborhoods to be preserved as the city zoning ordinances require should “move to Macada Road”.

    Mr Reynolds has an opinion on every issue & blusters regularly at council meetings with little tolerance for those that have opposing views. That isn’t the Mayor we need for a city that prides itself on the integrity of our neighborhoods & the integrity of our two downtowns. As a business leader in this community, I think we deserve a leader that is a good listener to his constituents rather than one that demands his way or the highway.

    I am extremely disappointed that City Council Members Van Wirt, Negron & Colon abandoned their principals to support the very person that stood against most of their positions. Do we really want to elect a Mayor with a puppet city council? I think we deserve a Mayor with integrity & a check & balance from an independent City Council.

    Dana Grubb has always stood for the people of Bethlehem against bad government & truly deserves your vote.

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