Martin Tower developer responds to Council request

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April 28 letter from Martin Tower developer

Remember that we left the Martin Tower thread here on Gadfly with President Waldron trying to nudge the City and the developer to sit down and agree on a bunch of elements to get done.

It doesn’t appear that the City was involved in a meeting, but the developer did provide the linked letter in advance of further discussion of their text amendment at tomorrow’s City Council meeting.

The letter is long and detailed and handily divided into some clear sections that have caused concern. A lot to chew on.

Follow the link above for a deep dive. The summation of the letter is printed below.



Mr. Herrick and I have been involved in the Martin Tower property for nearly fifteen years – including through the great recession and the current pandemic. We have invested tens of millions of dollars to date and will be investing tens of millions more to complete the project. In addition to the dollars invested, our team has expended thousands of hours pursuing hundreds of prospective users for the site to no avail. Simply stated, the Martin Tower redevelopment is a complicated project that will require both cooperation and compromise by all concerned parties to make it happen.

The uses proposed for the 8th Avenue frontage lots (i.e. medical, grocery, C‐store/Gas) are the lynchpin to proceeding with redevelopment of the property, including the apartments. The requested text amendments are necessary to securing these users and, consequently, necessary for the project to incrementally increase tax revenues to the City of Bethlehem, the Bethlehem Area School District, and Northampton County. The project will also create hundreds of construction and permanent jobs in the City.

One thought on “Martin Tower developer responds to Council request

  1. It is clear to me the developer doesn’t care what anyone says about their plan. They don’t seem to be community minded nor desire to have a working relationship with the citizens.

    To say they are having trouble finding people to occupy the site is complete hogwash. People are begging to build in the greater Lehigh Valley area.

    Why are they so hell bent on this awful development project? Makes me wonder! There is so much more they could do, for the city and even themselves with a better proposal. Why this 1990s style development?

    The city must deny all the requested variances. Period.

    We (residents) deserve better!

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