Hardball (2)

Latest in a series of posts on candidates for election

received today from the Friends of J. William Reynolds


The print is hard to read:

Suspended official told not to work at home — Morning Call — November 12, 2004 — page B3

Bethlehem officials have ordered Dana Grubb, one of the managers involved in a Nov. 4 fight at City Hall to stop taking files and documemts home and performing work-related duties while he is suspended with pay.

City to post police guard at meetings** After Nov. — Morning Call — January 18, 2005 – page B1

For years, Dana Grubb attended Bethlehem Health Board meetings as a deputy director of community development, but if he wants to attend another one, it will be under guard of a police officer.

The city is taking action in response to concerns raised by Health Director Judy Maloney, who was in her office Nov. 2 when just outside it Grubb and Harvey Joseph, the city’s former environmental health director, got into a fistfight. Both men were later forced to retire.

Grubb was the city grants administrator and deputy director of community development among other roles. He retired from the city in 2004 after he and Harvey Joseph, who was the environmental health director, got into a fistfight in City Hall. Then-Mayor John Callahan told them they could retire or be fired.

3 thoughts on “Hardball (2)

  1. Very poor taste. Even if deserving of discussion, this ad is in very, very poor taste. Really disgraceful.

  2. Agreed! The trump picture alone makes it questionable; let alone the timing and the missing information. Ir has certainly impacted some of my decisions but not in the way it was intended, I’m sure

  3. I wrote to both campaigns about their recent negative attack mailers, and let them know that I thought each one was terrible, and that they should be setting a better example.

    Each campaign replied in a professional manner and said they understood why I was unhappy. Both made it a point to say they felt their opponent’s record was fair game.

    In the case of this one from Reynolds, Willie himself wrote me back and said he felt like he had to reply to the attacks from Grubb. He said he would not be sending another negative mailer. I hope that’s indeed the case.

    I should also note that I just discovered the Gadfly this week and I appreciate the work you’re doing (I host a journalism podcast so I’m always interested in the ways that people cover their communities.

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