The effect of mail-in voting

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Gadfly’s request for continued mail-in voting in the primary has been processed ok.

Mrs. Gadfly’s hasn’t, though they were submitted at the same time.

Always something.

We assume mail-in voting will start very soon.

See Bernie O’Hare’s interesting info on the effect of increased MIB: Good news for NorCo Democrats in this year’s municipal races.

Lots of info on Gadfly about candidates. Swim in it. Be informed. Don’t vote by habit or yard signs.

One thought on “The effect of mail-in voting

  1. Thanks for the reminder! Application updated and I talked to Lehigh County Voter Reg who said the mail in ballots started going out yesterday!
    Request forms must be received by your county election board by 5 pm on May 11, 2021. but I find to be very simple to use

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