Mayoral candidates Reynolds and Grubb on their qualifications

Latest in a series of posts on candidates for election

Good article by Christina here. Take a look at the entire piece now if you wish, and Gadfly will break it down for specific focus over ensuing days.


selections from Christina Tatu, “Q&A with Bethlehem’s Democratic candidates for mayor.” Morning Call, April 22, 2021.

Q. What makes you qualified to be mayor of Bethlehem?

Grubb: Experience. I worked for the citizens of Bethlehem for 27 years in city government, managing budgets and staff, and negotiating the tax increment financing at SteelStacks, as well as other contracts, loans and grants. I am also a small-business owner and I work for a nonprofit affordable housing entity, HOM. My willingness to listen and incorporate other viewpoints into my decision-making combined with my experience make me qualified for the job.

Reynolds: We need a vision coming out of the pandemic that will create a more vibrant and dynamic city. That vision must be based on sustainability, economic revitalization, diversity and equity. During my time on City Council, we have worked to economically revitalize our city and helped to lead us to our strongest financial position in decades. I have introduced and implemented initiatives related to neighborhood revitalization, climate action, economic redevelopment, technology and transparency. Every one of those initiatives has been designed around organizing, listening and bringing people together to create change.

Our campaign has broad support from families, progressive organizations, small businesses, environmental advocacy groups, public education advocates, organized labor and elected officials at the local, state and federal levels. That cross section of support will be the same citywide coalition the next mayor will need if Bethlehem is going to emerge from the pandemic an even stronger community.

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