Candidates Reynolds and Crampsie Smith on affordable housing (Reynolds Town Hall April 7)

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Reynolds Virtual Town Hall April 7

Candidate for re-election to Council Crampsie Smith:

  • affordable housing is my passion
  • over the past 5 years has seen significant increase in her students homeless and transient
  • we have an affordable housing crisis
  • that is, housing for the work force population, the lower-middle and middle class
  • in Lehigh Valley 3 of 5 homeowners are “cost-burdened”
  • Bethlehem: in 2010, 20,000 units over a $1,000 to rent, in 2019 that jumped to 45,000
  • worse for renters
  • people born and raised here can’t afford to live here
  • majority of our development lately has been high-end
  • we need more diverse housing
  • that’s why I started the Affordable Housing Task Force

Candidate for mayor Councilman Reynolds:

  • crisis at a level we’ve never seen
  • after pandemic the cost of housing is likely to get even higher
  • it’s a bigger issue than we think it is because many people don’t want to admit it’s an issue
  • post-pandemic goal is to tie economic incentives to affordable housing mission
  • also have to look at other issues burdening people, for instance food
  • what are the cost-drivers?
  • must look at our systems, a lot of them shown by the pandemic as not working
  • must expand the different issues associated with housing costs

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