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The Samuelson endorsement of Reynolds got the Gadfly thinking about the meaning and value of endorsements again.

Candidate Reynolds is running the table in regard to “name” endorsements.

Candidate Grubb is utilizing endorsements from past city workers and others with whom he had working relationships in his 27-year career working with the City.

Candidate Grubb is running as an “outsider” against “insider” Reynolds.

Candidate Grubb’s campaign mailer arrived yesterday, and he foregrounds that outsider stance.

Gadfly’s also been thinking about the meaning and value and power of money in the campaigns.

The buck$ are important.

This is another one of the reasons your Gadfly would never be a politician. He could not ask for money.

But it has to be done.

Here’s Council candidate Hillary Kwiatek making her pitch. Look how smooth she is. Gadfly is envious!

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In that Council race, as of the December 2020 reporting candidate Callahan had a whopping $25,000 and candidate Crampsie Smith $3000. We’ll see how money plays out among the Council candidates.

Bernie O’Hare pointed out that Mayor Donchez contributed $2500 from his $100,000 warchest to candidate Reynolds’ campaign. He also contributed $500 to Council candidate Crampsie Smith.

Now as of the December 2020 reporting, candidate Reynolds had over $20,000 — most if not all collected prior to 2016 — and candidate Grubb had only $2700. A HUGE difference! If money counts, it looked like Grubb was going to get drubbed.

But by the March 2021 reporting, candidate Grubb had collected over $17,000 and is now working with a balance over $9000. A BIG jump!

And candidate Grubb seems to have made that jump, as promised, without taking money from those with vested interests, contrasting himself directly with the source of much of the money candidate Reynolds raised, as mentioned above, prior to 2016.

As of this writing on Saturday, April 17, only Donchez and Grubb have March 2021 Campaign Finance Reports on the City web site.

Of course, beautiful-dreamer Gadfly is hoping you will get beyond the endorsements and the best mailers money can buy — and the proliferating yard signs, yes, of course, how could I forget them, yard signs — and vote on ideas and competence.

He frowns at the folk he sees on Facebook with their minds already made up.

Stay open. Listen.

Hence the Gadfly Forum.

Forum #6 coming up Tuesday and Wednesday.

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