Interactions with police: the good times

Latest in a series of posts in the wake of the George Floyd murder

Monday April 12 was not a day like all days for the Gadfly.

Was kinda weird.

His morning was filled with news stories and graphic footage of the death at the hands of police of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Mn, and news stories and graphic footage of the harassing by police of Carmen Nazario in Windsor, Va.

Then in the late afternoon he attended the Hispanic Center’s timely Community Conversation on “Trust Building with Law Enforcement.”

The conversation included law enforcement — the Police Chiefs from Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and Lehigh U. — and members of the community.

Gadfly was not thinking good thoughts about law enforcement.

But toward the beginning of the meeting, community members were given the floor and asked to talk about “times when your engagement with the police was really positive and helped generate trust. Imagine that law enforcement was seeking your advice about building trust in the community, what would you say to them, what tips would you have? Reflect on times when your engagement was positive. When you think about advising law enforcement on how to build trust in the community, what would you say to them?”

A provocative prompt.

That elicited a cluster of positive vignettes.

Gadfly needed that.

Listen in, they are only 1-2 minutes long.

An officer Good Samaritan during car trouble:

Support for the Hispanic community at the regular Friday food pantry:

Making a 7-yr-old’s day:

Providing food treats and camaraderie at the Great Southside Sale:

Remembering the good times.

Chasing the morning’s demons.

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