Council candidate Grace Crampsie Smith visits the EAC: passionate about affordable housing

Latest in a series of posts on candidates for election

“I was fortunate to grow up in the Jim Thorpe area, so I was surrounded by the beauty of the environment as I was growing up.”

Bethlehem’s Environmental Advisory Council, April 1, 2021

  • born to a police chief and a nurse
  • grew up in Jim Thorpe area, surrounded by environmental beauty
  • spent career in human services: guidance counselor, addictions counselor, mental health and disabilities
  • taught at community college
  • grateful mother of three
  • almost arrested for refusing to litter (you have to listen!)
  • Affordable Housing Task Force
  • Insurance coverage for PTSD for first responders
  • helping business owners during pandemic
  • Community Engagement Initiative for social justice and police issues
  • working with Chief Kott of police training
  • responsible contractor ordinance
  • critical to preserve single-family homes
  • voted for regulation of student housing
  • voted against closing of Packer Ave.
  • supported pedestrian bridge feasibility study
  • initiated block watch
  • partnered with Pros-for-Clothes supplying clothes for homeless

“The issue of homelessness and the lack of inclusionary, multi-level income housing in our city is very passionate to me, and I have fought to try to do whatever we can to make Bethlehem as inclusionary as possible from a housing perspective.”

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