Police announce recruiting season

Latest in a series of posts about the Bethlehem Police

The police are hiring!

Another reason to lament the absence of a Public Safety meeting and deeper, wider discussion of some aspects of the department.

There were several points regarding recruitment of new officers floated during the GeorgeFloyd summer worthy of battin’ around.

Like what kind of officer are we looking for, “warrior” or “guardian”? Remember the warrior department recruitment video that was online representing the department but disappeared last summer when the greater public became aware?

Like what does our testing of recruits look like? The time to weed out potential “bad apples” is right at the beginning. Training was the subject of much of the testimony at the Chauvin trial yesterday, and it was clear that training certainly has its limits. Are we testing for bias, for instance?

Like do we want to set some goals for the ethnic/racial/gender composition of the police force? Remember that several Council members talked of the importance of the department looking like the city.

Like, as part of a community policing emphasis, do we want to consider incentives for officers to live in Bethlehem?

And etcetera.

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