Council candidate Rachel Leon visits the EAC: wants a green Bethlehem

Latest in a series of posts on candidates for election

“We need to make Bethlehem green.”

Bethlehem’s Environmental Advisory Council, April 1, 2021

  • 10-yr Navy veteran
  • currently student at NCC
  • majoring in Global Studies with a focus on Environmental
  • president of the Climate Action network at NCC
  • has gone through Climate Reality training
  • must attract developers interested in using the buildings that we have
  • need new buildings with green energy
  • need to focus on our air quality, which is the poorest in the state
  • must preserve our green spaces, must maintain the few that we have, particularly on the Southside
  • need to make Bethlehem a more pedestrian friendly city

“We are seeing a lot of apartment complexes being built up, and with more apartment complexes and increased population density, we’re seeing more cars, which is feeding the beast of our air quality.”

That’s Rachel and Joshua on the D&L trail.

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