On the Southside, how high is too high?

The latest in a series of posts on the Southside

Gadfly has nudged you a couple times about this meeting tomorrow night.

But he does so again after noting how Kim Carrell-Smith is promoting it: “How high is too high? Find out what the city is proposing for Southside building height limits this Thursday night. And let the city know your opinion!”

How high is too high?

Gadfly is more than ever intrigued now.

Do you suppose the consultant report will make a recommendation about the thorny question of heights?

We have tall buildings on the Southside — Rooney and Zest, etc. We have one approved but not built at 4th and Vine. We have at least 2 proposed. The historic guidelines talk of a 2-3 story kind of norm. Official discussions sometimes speak as if a 4-5 story is acceptable size. One tall building is used as an argument for another tall building. Developers talk of needing to feed their business models.

Such fun.

Got something to say? You know you probably do.

See you there?

Thursday, April 1, 5PM

Thursday, April 1, 5PM

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