Stormwater Fees – What Residents Need to Know

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ref: Bethlehem stormwater run off improvements on the way

Gadfly’s going to try to get to this. He admits that he didn’t at first pay attention to the issue of stormwater and stormwater fees.

We know in the tough budget year the City made personnel cuts and raised taxes 5%.

But there is also a new $65 stormwater fee for everybody as well.

There’s been some consternation about the fee — you can even see the mayoral candidates talking about it in the Gadfly Forum.

There has been some good discussion among city administrators like Public Works director Mike Alkhal and members of Council like Grace Crampsie Smith about the application of that fee to help homeowners.

No decisions have been made. There’s further discussion planned. Might behoove us to come up to speed.

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