Learn your ABCs and your ADUs

Latest post in a series on Affordable Housing

“I just have lost my faith in capitalism as a way to get affordable housing built.”
Councilwoman Van Wirt

Accessory Dwelling Units

What Gadfly really liked about the March 23 Community Development Committee meeting on affordable housing was the energy on both sides of the table.

In the last post or two, we’ve heard the spirited input by the City.

Now here’s Councilwoman Van Wirt jumping in on what she called RDUs and what Councilwoman Crampsie Smith called ADUs — Accessory Dwelling Units.

PVW’s actually nudging the City toward a quick pilot program, like right now.

Councilwoman Van Wirt: “I would actually urge your committee to come up with a pilot program. Let’s just try something out of the gate. Let’s just change a zoning code to allow RDUs in a targeted area, serviced by public transit, maybe a 10-block area. . . . I don’t see why we wouldn’t try it. Let’s see what happens. . . . This crisis is right now upon us, and if we can come up with some tools that actually work now, I think that’s a good idea.”

Councilwoman Crampsie Smith’s on board and will provide more info:

Gadfly, who’s looking to downsize and looking for an affordable apartment or other mode of living quarter, remembers his reading in Jeff Speck a summer or two ago and casting his eye on a Granny garage next door:

According to Speck, one town offers zero-interest loans up to $20,000 to build ADUs.

Seattle offers a guide. Look at the pictures of completed work!

Gadfly loves the excitement of these early planning stages.

Creating something. Onward!

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