Name that tune, er, candidate!

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The Mayoral candidate comparison chart
The Council candidates comparison chart

Test yourself this rainy Sunday.

Now agree that one of the most important things on our plates is the upcoming local election. And Mail-in ballots will be out in 2-3 weeks or so. Voting will begin soon.

You’ve all seen those quiz show/game show bits where contestants are asked to identify a song from hearing only the first few bars.

By analogy, do you know your candidates well enough to identify them just by the sound of their voices?

Give it a try. Below are 10-second clips of the candidates for mayor and city council. Can you match voice to candidate?

The clips were chosen at random, so don’t worry about the content — just the sound of the voices.

Can you identify ’em?

Gadfly knows that these candidates were invited to the upcoming 7PM Thursday meeting of our Environmental Advisory Council.

Zoom in to the EAC at

Know your candidates.

Vote and vote knowledgeably!

Get beyond the yard signs, which race for quantitative superiority, by the way, in Gadfly’s eye, is currently being won by the fleet Reynolds minions.

Giddy-up the rest of you!

clip 1

clip 2

clip 3

clip 4

clip 5

clip 6

clip 7

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