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Reminder that we hope for responses to Gadfly Forum prompt #2 on “development” today at noon (the mayor candidates) and tomorrow at noon (the council candidates).

Please check us out.

Gadfly has given the candidates a couple prompts from hell.

The idea in this Forum is, of course, that (especially over the span of a few weeks) the candidates (especially the new faces) have an opportunity for you to know them better and for you to have an opportunity to get to know them better — and to compare them right there in front of you.

But is anybody arranging Zoom events where we can see the candidates “on stage” together, where they can both talk at some length and engage in some back-and-forth?

That would be sooo good.

Gadfly has fond memories of such a “live” event at Steelworkers Hall before the primary two years ago, remembering that he was so proud that we had so many candidates all there together and who spoke so very well.

Gadfly has yet to hear of anyone scheduling something like that. Please prod the organizations most likely to do it. Please alert him if he’s missed an announcement.

The May 18 election day may feel a long way off, but Gadfly has been thinking that “mail-in” ballots will probably be going out in about 3 weeks.

Now the dynamic may be different than last November. Less urgency to vote maybe. More people with shots feeling comfortable with in-person voting maybe. Less worrying about social distancing while standing in line at the polls maybe.

However, the Gadflies have signed up for (ha!) in-perpetuity (and beyond death) mail-in voting and probably will be filling out the ballot pretty quickly after receipt before it gets lost in house clutter. Maybe many more “super-voters” like us around.

It would be interesting to know how that dynamic will work out and how/if it will change campaigns, which probably traditionally did full court presses in the days close to Election Day.

Candidates: please keep Gadfly apprised of events where he can cover you, please use Gadfly when you have something valuable to get out to the public, please alert him if you want him to use different pictures, and so forth.

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