Reimagining the Gadfly

Following up last post.

Good time to remind that this gadfly folds wings May 19, the day after the election.

Three years. Term limits good. Time for new ideas.

Part of the reason he started had to do with the declining state of mainstream journalism.

And the ascending need for citizen journalism.

Every town needs a gadfly.

This gadfly hopes the project will continue.

Will some one take over? In fact, it could be more than one person. The Gadfly need not be the work of one person.

‘Tis time to think about new approaches, formats, goals.

Incentive: will continue to fund the WordPress platform for a year or two.


2 thoughts on “Reimagining the Gadfly

  1. from Bruce Haines:


    You have provided an invaluable service to the Bethlehem community for both those of us regulars to city council meetings as well as those not heretofore connected.

    Community engagement is important & most members are not engaged as they go about their daily lives. Most only get engaged when something impacts them after someone alerts them about an issue.

    For those of us in the business community, most government decisions have an impact & we need to be engaged. Citizens who value their neighborhoods need to become more engaged. There are continual attempts of commercial intrusion looking for exceptions to the rules to disrupt neighborhood housing availability & cohesiveness.

    Gadfly serves a vital role to keep politicians & appointed board members from quietly approving exceptions or changing ordinances to accommodate favored individuals or businesses.

    I would hope you stay engaged & find someone as dedicated as yourself to provide a fair & balanced window to our government actions going forward. Steve Antalics can’t do it alone when council reopens its doors!!


  2. Well, Gadfly . . . Your creation of forums has been important. You have offered room for great people to expand their ideas. Your risk-taking enthusiasm has been unbelievable and fun to watch. I truly believe there is a torch-bearer that can encourage Bethlehem to listen to the bright and happy people. A community is a special place. A place where everyone has a great life and a simple smile. Is it asking too much? Nah . . .Now, I don’t live near Gadfly or the great citizens of Bethlehem anymore; however, I will always be connected to my roots. Thanks . . . Gadfly son #4

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