The Word of the Day: “BLARNEY”

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The comparison chart

A wise head just advised the Gadfly that there is a meaningful distinction between “bullbleep” and “blarney.”

Hmmm, something to think about.

Well, over the past two days our candidates for mayor and our candidates for City Council dished out a lot for us to think about on the Gadfly Forum

What did you see?

With hope, not a lot of either bullbleep or blarney.

But, rather, thoughtful responses to prompts on the City budget.

Gadfly suggested to the candidates that Wednesday and Thursday be days in which they can add to their statements or respond to each other.

And he’s saving Friday at noon for your comments.

Please take advantage of the opportunity to talk back to the candidates.

Even a cursory review of the candidateĀ  comments shows that they took the homework assignment quite seriously.

We need to repay them in kind.

We need to show them that we are paying attention.

We need to show them that we are taking our votes seriously.

Events like the Forum happen virtually nowhere else.

We are fortunate for the opportunity to engage in some depth with our candidates.

This is conversation that builds community.

So Gadfly is looking forward to comments that he can post Friday.

And that’s no blarney,

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