November just became more interesting, dammit!

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ref: Republican John Kachmar enters mayoral race
ref: Bernie O’Hare, “Wounded combat vet seeks Bethlehem GOP mayoral nod.” Lehigh Valley Ramblings, March 10, 2021.

Gadfly loves the trading of ideas that comes with competition for elective office, and he is glad that the local races for mayor and city council are contested.

But he has one word for Republican John Kachmar’s entrance into the mayoral race.


For Gadfly has planned his retirement from the blogging business for May 19, the day after the primary election.

It seemed to him that day would be a day of closure, for the successful Democratic candidates would be de facto the winners of the November general election.


Now there will be a contest in November.

We live in a fallen world.

But it seems that the general election campaign idea-trading could be very interesting indeed.

Did you see Bernie O’Hare’s post about Mr. Kachmar yesterday?

Bernie describes a conversation in which “I told him it would be foolish to run for Mayor because the City is dominated by Democrats. Kachmar acknowledged reality, but added that it’s time for a change. He noted the city has had tax increases in three of the past four years, and is irked by a stormwater fee that burdens row home owners to the same extent as those living in luxurious estates. He’s especially irritated by the City’s decision to give the Business Manager slot to a Council member who then recommends his wife to head up another department. He questions why she’s given an $8,000 raise in a budget that imposes a tax hike and wonders why the City would endanger public safety by eliminating firefighter slots.  And why a tax increase at all when people are reeling from Covid? These all seem like good questions in a city that seems to be more concerned about being woke than serving its residents.”


The first prompt that I gave the mayoral and council candidates for the Gadfly forum has to do with the city budget, with taxes.

That prompt seems more pertinent now that Mr. Kachmar’s hat is in the race.

Since he’s the only declared Republican, perhaps Mr. Kachmar will just keep his powder dry til after the primary and he sees who his opponent is.

But Gadfly will invite him to join the forum.

If you know John, please urge him to do so.

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