Council candidate Kwiatek stands up

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Lehigh Valley Stands Up

As a candidate in the Lehigh Valley 2021 election, I commit to the following pledge:

  1. I pledge to unapologetically advocate for the collective liberation of all residents of the Lehigh Valley and lift up the marginalized and vulnerable among us.
  2. I pledge to support policies that dismantle the legacy of white supremacy and offer transformative solutions that invest in our communities of color.
  3. I pledge to reimagine what’s possible for preserving public safety, including reallocating funds from bloated police budgets to proactive, humane, community-first solutions that prioritize our neediest residents.
  4. I pledge to reform the carceral and punitive systems that’ve repeatedly failed disabled, queer, trans, and BIPOC communities by building a restorative justice system built on equity.
  5. I pledge to commit to policies that consider the lived experiences of everyday working people and align with the values and vision of my constituents by governing in collaboration with people-powered community organizations.
  6. I pledge to engage diverse coalitions of voters, especially those who traditionally face barriers to voting, and aim to contact or speak to thousands of more residents than needed in order to listen to and build trust within the communities I serve.

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