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The Swifts are the official City Bird of Bethlehem
They need your help



Chimney Swifts.org

On February 17, Josh Berk and BAPL hosted “Chimney Swifts and their Adaptation to Urban Habitats,” the first forum in the 3-part series “S.O.S. Save Our Swifts by Saving their Urban Habitat: Telling the Story of the Chimney Swifts and their Connection to Our City.”

Jennie Gilrain moderated as Peter Saenger from the Lehigh Valley Audubon Society presented a brief overview of the Swifts (video, mins 17:40-33:30) and then answered questions from Jennie, Josh, and the audience.

Here is an audio clip of Peter’s presentation with a few of his slides, but see link to the full video above.

Can you see the bird’s claws?
Swifts are not physically made for walking but for clinging.


Inside the chimney

Far travelers

If they have no chimneys . . .

Art work — something to think about if we foster towers in our parks

Save Our Swifts

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