Mayoral candidate Grubb: the experienced outsider

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“Tonight my opponent mentioned that he has endorsements coming from ‘basically everyone on city council.’ Well, if you want more of the same, by all means vote for him! If, on the other hand, you think Bethlehem—and YOU— deserve a change, vote for me, Dana Grubb: the outsider with inside experience.”
March 1, 2021

Dana Grubb is a candidate with 27 years working for the City in a variety of high profile roles, such as Deputy Director of Community Development, Acting Director of Community and Economic Development, Grants Administrator, Housing Rehabilitation Finance Specialist, Civil Defense Director, Sealer of Weights and Measures.

  • Richard ‘Bucky’ Szulborski – Former Bethlehem City Councilman and Northampton County Controller
    “I am endorsing Dana Grubb for Mayor of the City of Bethlehem because he has the knowledge of what is needed in City Hall and the commitment to the future of Bethlehem. He understands the issues and takes the time to listen to all sides before making a decision. Dana is a man of honesty and integrity.”

  • Tom Mohr – Former Bethlehem City Councilman
    “I chose to run for City Council in 1989 and after my election to that office I met Mr. Grubb who was working within the Department of Community and Economic Development. Over the next 6 years I worked extensively with Mr. Grubb as he advanced within that department and City Administration. I found him to be personable, professional and knowledgeable. He was admired by his peers and subordinates and was exceedingly dedicated to the well being of the City and its citizens, traits that are present yet today. It gives me a great deal of pleasure to endorse Dana Grubb for Mayor of the City of Bethlehem.!”

  • Dianne Bachmann – Retired Public Works Department Business Manager
    “Dana always had a great work ethic with wonderful compassion for people and the residents of Bethlehem.”

  • Jeffrey Fritz – Retired City of Bethlehem Utility Superintendent
    “It is a great pleasure to say that I endorse Dana Grubb for Mayor of the City of Bethlehem. I have known Dana for many years through work and personal friendship and I’ve always found him to have the best interest at heart for the City and its residents. His sense of community is noteworthy through his passion for his work when he worked for the City and his continued love for it today. He will bring the City of Bethlehem an atmosphere of cohesiveness and trust among its employees with an administration that will have the best interest for them so it better serves the community. Dana Grubb is a man that I trust and I know will make a great mayor through his life long love for Bethlehem and its community, and make it a better community through inclusiveness. I ask you to support Dana at election time as the next Mayor of Bethlehem.”

  • Tom Marshall – Retired Director of Recycling
    “Dana would make a fantastic Mayor due to his love of the city and vast integrity. During all of his years with the city he worked with virtually every office in the city. His knowledge of the inner workings of each department is outstanding. He is a fair and honest man who will put the city first above all things.”

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