Gadfly quiz: Do you know who your Council candidates are?

Latest in a series of posts on candidates for election

So, yes, we are in to March. And only a few days left for candidates to announce and to officially file for City Council in the May 18 election.

Right now we have 6 people running for 4 seats.

They are: Bryan Callahan, Grace Crampsie Smith, Hillary Kwiatek, Rachel Leon, Adam Waldron, Kiera Wilhelm.

Gadfly hopes all secure the required signatures and successfully complete the required paperwork.

Competition is good.

Have you been paying attention?

Have you started to get to know each of the candidates so that you can cast an informed vote?

How about a little test of the present state of your election consciousness?

Can you identify each Council candidate? Can you match name to picture?


If not, shame on you.

If not, why not?

Click “Candidates for election” on the sidebar or on the link under this post to check your choices and for more information on the candidates.

Let the good election conversation begin!

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