Council makes noise quietly

The latest in a series of posts on the Southside

Gadfly’s posting this one for the future Bethlehem historians who will consult this blog in the archives for a sense of Bethlehem in the short sliver of time between 2018 and 2021 that he was on the beat.

The last night March 2, 2021, City Council meeting wasn’t the most exciting patch of city governing that you can imagine.

It would be easy to say that not a lot happened.

But our Councilors made a lot of noise quietly.

The student housing ordinance passed 7-0.

There was no discussion.

Of course, the ordinance had been well talked out several times before, so there was no need of discussion.

But notice should be taken.

In his three years, Gadfly has come to see the quality of life in neighborhoods as a paramount issue.

The Southside needed this ordinance (Gadfly vividly remembers an emotional plea by Councilwoman Negron).

But its arrival was long and hard.

Gadfly doesn’t know everybody who deserves a tip o’ the hat.

He thinks of Anne Evans, Stephen Antalics, Anna Smith, Seth Moglen, Alicia Karner, Darlene Heller.

Who else?  Please let him know.

Student housing around Lehigh University is now regulated at last.

The Southside residential neighborhoods in the area finally have some protection.

Well done.

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