Officer cleared in killing of man with a sword

Latest in a series of posts in the wake of the George Floyd murder

ref: Loosening up for the Public Safety meeting

Yesterday, Gadfly said, “He could wonder why there was no follow-up information that he could discover on a “mentally distressed” man with a sword killed by an officer in Pennsburg.”

All of a sudden now there are a lot of notices, though none with much detailed info, or the same info.

The reason for the notices is that the D.A. ruled the shooting lawful.

Not all notices mention that the man was mentally distressed or that that was in the original call to police.

Not all mention that there is a video — a video that has not been made public.

Not all mention a 5-second gap between the officer command and the shots.

Not all quote dialogue by the subject.

So it is not possible to adequately judge how the officer responded and if the shooting was necessary and unavoidable.

The D.A. simply based his judgment on the legality of deadly force in a situation in which the officer’s life was in peril.

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One thought on “Officer cleared in killing of man with a sword

  1. What’s missing from all these stories is whether there were less-lethal steps the officer could have taken—maybe stepping behind car. Also, was backup on the way? — if so, then a delaying tactic might have been all that was needed.

    Even if the officers gives a clear command, they need to remember that a person suffering a breakdown or mental illness may not have heard/understood it.

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