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Community Action Development Corporation of Bethlehem

Based on a belief in economic and social justice, Community Action Development Corporation of Bethlehem (CADCB) improves the quality of life in south Bethlehem by fostering economic opportunity, promoting community development, and empowering residents to actively participate in the decision-making process regarding the future of our diverse community.

“Empowering people and transforming South Bethlehem”


On February 18 the Community Action Development Corporation of Bethlehem hosted a meeting in which director Yari Colon-Lopez asked the assembled group the pregnant and poignant question, “What’s your vision for the Southside?”

The CADCB is formulating the next phase of its Southside Vision program.

Gadfly’s betting that most of you, like him, are not familiar with this remarkable organization. And we all should be. So he encourages you to listen at some length to Director Yari describe CADCB’s productive and fruitful activities.

It’s truly a great story.

One that we all should know.

Please give a listen.

You can follow along on the slides below.

And then in subsequent posts Gadfly will capture for you a portion of the February 18 discussion that followed the vision question.


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