Mayoral candidate Grubb: leadership roles with the City

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Dana Grubb for Mayor

In 1999, Dana Grubb was Bethlehem’s Grants Administrator and responsible for managing millions of dollars of grant money received by the City of Bethlehem. In addition, then Mayor Don Cunningham named him Acting Director of Community and Economic Development when the director became terminally ill: this meant Dana was in charge of the Health Bureau, EMS, Code Enforcement, Housing Inspections, Planning & Zoning, Housing Rehabilitation, Recycling, and Economic Development. Dana then took on a lead role negotiating with Bethlehem Steel on the Tax Increment Financing (TIF), which became critical to advancing the development of SteelStacks, the Levitt Pavilion, the Hoover-Mason Trestle, the Stock House Visitors Center, the Southside Bethlehem Green Way, public parking, roads, and public utilities on the former Bethlehem Steel site.

In all of these three positions, he provided leadership, hard work, dedication to his home town, and sound judgement, as he accepted his ever-growing list of tasks and goals.

That is why Dana is the ONLY candidate for Mayor of Bethlehem who knows the responsibilities, has the work ethic to achieve incredible results, has the character and integrity to always work in the City’s best interests, and who can provide the knowledge and experience to lead the City of Bethlehem now and into the future.

It is also why two former City Councilmembers and fifteen former city administrators, with an aggregate of nearly 400 years of service to the residents of Bethlehem, have endorsed his candidacy for Mayor!

Dana Grubb for Mayor

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