Mayoral candidate Reynolds at LV4ALL

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Candidate for Mayor J. William Reynolds at the Lehigh Valley for All “Meet the Candidates” event February 17.

We’ve made a lot of progress in our City since Bethlehem Steel shut down, but there’s a lot more work to do. I feel strongly that we need a vision for our community especially coming out of the pandemic if we are going to grow and prosper this year and beyond. I’ve long felt that we need to continue our economic redevelopment and revitalization efforts . . . and we’ve got to keep building a City where everyone matters. We need to implement our Climate Action Plan to make our City healthier and more sustainable, and, more than anything, we need a vision for what we can be. Our optimism in Bethlehem has always overcome the negative and cynical voices among us . . . Our best days are in front of us if we can rely on our creativity, imagination, and passion to guide our future . . . The pandemic has shown us that we need to design better systems and increase cooperation in our community between our cities, our counties, our school districts, and our healthcare networks, and think about where our systems have failed to protect our most vulnerable. Progress is only possible when we are able to create coalitions of individuals and institutions that are committed to change. I think our efforts with climate action and neighborhood revitalization have shown the work that I am capable of in that area. The only real limitation we have as a city is whatever  we put on our selves. This isn’t about who we were or who we are but who we can be as Democrats, as families, as a City.

Mayoral candidate Reynolds answered a question about his plans for the Southside:

I think when you look at the Southside what you see is a lot of private investment going on, but it also is where we see a lot of systems, in my opinion, that failed . . . service requests. snow removal, and potholes, and things like that, and there’s so much less on the Southside than in other areas. It’s not because the problems are less but because we have a digital divide there . . . don’t have access to high-speed internet . . . We need to look at how do we just not build systems for the West side or the North side . . . but what can we do for the City on the Southside as how do we create a fairer city and give everybody in our city access to the opportunities people have throughout our city.

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