Game on! Start meeting the candidates tonight

Latest in a series of posts on candidates for election

Join the meeting here!

With Kiera Wilhelm’s announcement for City Council, we now have a game in Bethlehem’s two major elective races.

As of this moment (still plenty of time for others to join the game!), here’s what the fields look like:


Dana Grubb
Willie Reynolds

City Council (4 seats)

Bryan Callahan
Grace Crampsie Smith
Hillary Kwiatek
Adam Waldron
Kiera Wilhelm

So now it’s our job, our responsibility in the next three months before May18 to get to know the candidates as best as possible so that we can make informed choices.

You know, “informed” choices, not choices on the basis of race, sex, ethnicity, good looks, alma mater, friend of a friend, yard sign design, and the rest of the etceteras.

Here’s an opportunity to get to know the candidates.

Lehigh Valley for All has this “Meet the Candidates” event tonight.

We can’t be sure who will show up.

But everybody who does in races across the Lehigh Valley will get a few minutes to make his or her pitch.

Eventually, LV4ALL members will vote to endorse candidates in each position and work to elect them.

Work to elect them!

It’s grassroots politics — and fascinating to watch.

And participate in.

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