A vision of towers in our parks

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Save Our Swifts

ref: Muhlenberg Lake Getting Chimney Swift Tower

So as of the City Council meeting February 2, the Chimney Swifts are the official City Bird of Bethlehem.

In his remarks preceding the vote, Councilman Colon suggested the addition of “faux chimneys” [towers] in our parks as “low maintenance” and as “educational” pieces to go along with Council’s action now centered on the giant chimney at the Masonic Temple site.

Just like Allentown has.

Councilman Colon suggests an extension, a widening of our desire to be a home for the Swifts.

What a great idea!

A mini-Swift industry here!

Gadfly has heard that Scott Burnet, Chair of the Habitat Committee of the Lehigh Valley Audubon Society, has built more than 100 such Chimney Swift towers and would be happy to advise us in the process.

Scott is part of the local steering committee for our Save Our Swifts campaign.

He’s already in the house, as ’twere!

And he’s part of the panel for the February 17 “Chimney Swifts and their Adaptation to Urban Habitats,” the first forum in BAPL’s series on the saving Swifts project.

Save Our Swifts

2 thoughts on “A vision of towers in our parks

  1. There must be some unusual confluence of emotions that has led to this fascination with the birds. Got to love it. The pandemic and the economic misery it has caused contributes to the amazing empathy for the birds.
    yes, to building houses for the birds. With such community support, there should be enough private money to do so. NO PUBLIC DOLLARS SHOULD BE SPENT ON THIS EFFORT! I’m happy to contribute my fair share.

  2. They might also want to make sure the L.V. Bird Town Coalition is in the loop, although they are connected to Audubon society.

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