The campaign war chests

Latest in a series of posts on candidates for election

Candidate financial disclosures

Bernie O’Hare has reminded us to follow the money.

The first round of candidate financial reports are in.

Let me copy Bernie’s convenient list:


Bryan Callahan – $19,461.36

Michael Colon – $28.59

Grace Crampsie Smith – $2,993.54

Bob Donchez – $107,486.44

Eric Evans – $2,108.01

Dana Grubb – $2,772.05

Willie Reynolds – $21,303.01

Adam Waldron – $0

Some things to think about:

  • What happens to Mayor Donchez’s $$$$?
  • I don’t believe President Waldron has formally announced.
  • Nothing from Hillary Kwiatek yet, which must mean she hasn’t formally filed for election (deadline March 9).
  • There was a controversy last election about the propriety of one candidate giving or loaning money to another that I don’t think was settled.
  • Will election strategies change as a result of the pandemic and will money make a difference?
  • How important is money to election success anyway?

Now it’s always interesting to see who’s donating to candidate campaigns.

Sometimes it can tell you something very important to know.

But one must be careful about making inferences.

You can check here.

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