Another developer thinking big . . . er, tall

The latest in a series of posts on the Southside

Historic Conservation Commission meeting January 25, 2020

Ok, now this one caught Gadfly by surprise.

His own fault.

Since the pandemic, he has had to give up his rounds of attending the City ABC’s, like the historic commissions, in person.

And, old technology-challenged dawg that he is, he hasn’t come up to speed on attending these meetings via Zoom.

So Gadfly was surprised at City Council Tuesday night to hear Councilman Callahan-Planning Director Heller exchange a few words about a 12-story building at New St. and the Greenway.

Sure ’nuff.

See the part of the January 25 HCC agenda on 317-327 S. New.

Picture it: that’s from the Subway down to the jewelry store at the Greenway.

If you good followers will click on the link above and choose the 317-327 S. New supporting documents and then choose file “06 . . . New St. Renderings,” you will find several more delightful pictures like the one above.

And if you browse files “01” and “03,” you will find info about a 12-story building, with 82 apartments, first-floor commercial, Palomino Food Court, and parking at the New St. garage.

The building will interact with the existing surrounding buildings and Greenway. The new building will be designed to compliment the historical charm of the area as well as nearby new developments. The building will be situated as such that it appears to be multiple buildings from the facade as to not create an overstatement within the neighborhood.

Clark+Quinn Development completed a comprehensive marketing/Demographics study of the Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton Housing Market Area (Allentown HMA) and specifically, the downtown Bethlehem area. We believe there is a strong need for market rate apartment housing for workforce individuals, healthcare providers, young professionals, life science and university communities, and graduate students. Amenities such as a gymnasium, a food court, and a roof top patio are being proposed to accommodate the inhabitants of the project. We believe our development will encourage other area residents to visit new and existing downtown retail venues, growing the downtown and growing the tax base.

As the population of the Bethlehem area continues to grow and evolve, so must the structures that house its community and residents. The proposed development will do just that. Our hope is that by providing a housing development to serve the growing population, it will further activate the existing retail and restaurants in the Southside as well as engage the existing Greenway to further stimulate community life.


The Southside has been receiving much attention.

The plan to perk up the New St. corridor from the bridge to Lehigh goes back several years.

There was a lively Zoom meeting November 19.

Right now there’s a Historic Southside Bethlehem Citizen Survey.


At Council on Tuesday Planner Heller said that the developers got some ideas to think about from HCC and will return to HCC at a later date. No action taken. The video of that January 25 meeting is not available yet. Gadfly will be on the lookout for it and report on the meeting. He is very curious what the conversation was like.

A 12-story building?

The survey mentioned above had a specific question about the issue of height in the Southside historical district.

We know height has been a hot button.

Gadfly wonders if it was an issue for the HCC at the meeting.

More later.

Any thoughts at this time?

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