Northside: “an area in transition”

The latest in a series of posts on Northside 2027

“In order to have healthy downtowns, healthy commercial areas,
we need to have healthy neighborhoods.”
Darlene Heller. Planning Director

It’s nice to see two important projects, both fathered by Councilman Reynolds, coming online.

Gadfly means the Climate Action Plan and now Northside 2027.

At the meeting of the Northside 2027 Task Force on Tuesday, Darlene Heller, Bethlehem Planning Director, rehearsed the history of the project, which goes back as far as 2017, and outlined the goals (4 mins.):

She focused attention on the first three general categories here in her presentation,

offered the vision statement,

and reminded us of the boundaries and constituent elements of the Northside area.

to be continued . . .

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