A new face in the race

Latest in a series of posts on candidates for election

Candidates for various elective positions all across the Valley and, in fact, state-wide, made very brief presentations at the Bethlehem City Democratic Committee meeting last night.

Bethlehem candidates Councilpeople Reynolds, Callahan, and Crampsie Smith spoke — as well as new face Hillary Kwiatek running for Council.

Councilwoman Negron attended the meeting but did not speak.

Councilman Reynolds is, of course, running for Mayor.

Councilman Callahan said he was not sure at this point if he is running for Mayor but for Council for certain.

Councilwoman Crampsie Smith is running for a 4-year Council term.

The presentations are brief. One candidate likened it to speed-dating!

Gadfly hopes you will listen to all. But especially to Hillary Kwiatek’s.




Gadfly apologizes to Councilwoman Crampsie Smith. The audio clip here is from the last City Council meeting. He made a mistake when uploading and now unfortunately can’t restore the proper clip.

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